The Fat Grackle

"Though a heavy weight may be the result of imprudent lifestyle habits or underlying disease in some individuals, there are also many large people who eat sensibly, exercise regularly, and have excellent health readings—and many thin people who don’t. Regardless, a low weight—or healthy lifestyle habits—shouldn’t be a requisite for respect…

Let’s switch our emphasis to encouraging health-promoting behaviors for all, and let the fat fall where it may. Everyone, fat and thin, can reduce their risk for health problems by making good lifestyle choices. It’s time for a new peace movement: one that supports people in developing healthy lifestyle habits, regardless of their size. It’s called Health at Every Size.”

— Dr. Linda Bacon (from Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight)

(Dr. Bacon has multi-disciplinary training, including graduate degrees in physiology (specializing in nutrition), psychology, and exercise science. She is committed to educating people on the scientific evidence that underlies our understanding of weight.)