The Fat Grackle

In discussions about health, why do we have to have phrases like, “Fat people need to exercise and eat healthy,” ? Aren’t conversations about health applicable to all individual’s, not just the fat ones?


Has anyone ever felt an overwhelming desire to eat when someone told you you didn’t need to eat because you were fat?

In defense of the ability to be fat and healthy

(inspired by a separate conversation)

I only offer up studies and statistics when people question the validity of the statement that fat people can be healthy (which is way different from fat is healthy). I get policed about my food choices, body size, fashion choices by complete strangers (as well as friends and family members), from people who assume that I don’t know I’m fat and that I am ignorant about about food and styles that are acceptable for my body. People do not need to assume that I’m fat because I am doing unhealthy things. Looking at me can only tell you how fat I am. It can’t tell anyone anything about how long I’ve been struggling with weight, an eating disorder, a thyroid disorder or how long I have been living a healthy lifestyle and changing things. All of that is no one’s business but mine, right? Well, not according to a lot of people.

Am I wrong for challenging the notion? Because I want women (all people really) to love themselves?

Health isn’t even a part of my belief that all people deserve to be loved as they are regardless of weight or place in life. They also deserve to be able to love themselves and be happy without qualifiers.

No one has to “buy in” to what I’m saying. I’m just saying what I feel to be true and if people want to challenge their perceptions, they are free to. If people want to reject it, they are free to.